KADOKAWA prepares to take legal action against the spread of leaked information

On July 10, KADOKAWA and Dwango announced that they have begun preparing legal action against cyber attackers who are spreading information stolen from and exposed by the company group. According to the company, in addition to spreading the information, it has also confirmed threatening behavior toward those involved and urges them to “absolutely refrain from these acts.

KADOKAWA Group suffered a large-scale system failure due to a cyber attack before dawn on June 8, and cyber attackers using multiple methods, including ransomware, stole a vast amount of data from the group, including personal information, and exposed it on a dark website around June 27. Dwango had admitted by July 3 that the exposed information may have been leaked from the group.

On July 5, KADOKAWA and Dwango stated that they were carefully checking the exposed information against internal company records, and that they had confirmed the spreading of the allegedly exposed information on anonymous bulletin boards, SNS, and other means. The company has announced a policy of taking thorough legal action against malicious actors.

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