Can a security engineer be hired for a maximum annual salary of 8 million yen?

The recruitment of a security engineer has been posted at KADOKAWA Group, which is suffering from the server attacks we have already reported on.

It is good that they are hiring security engineers and trying to move forward, but it is controversial that the salary is too low

Requirements, etc. are as follows

Knowledge of information security management systems and experience in designing them
Experience in creating and maintaining information security related documents
Knowledge and understanding of information system configuration (network/server/application/cloud, etc.)

Welcome Requirements
Acquisition or promotion of information security certifications/standards (ISMS, SOC2/3, ISMAP, etc.)
Knowledge of information security frameworks and experience in using them
Experience in handling information security incidents
Information security related certifications (e.g., Information processing security supervisor, CISSP, etc.)

Estimated annual income
5,920,000 – 8,000,000 yen

The Hiring Market for Engineers in Japan

The importance of engineers is increasing every year, even outside of IT companies, including in digital transformation, and the timing is right for the salary level of engineers to increase accordingly.

The upper limit of 8 million yen here depends on the company you work for, but it is a wage that can be earned by a web-related engineer in his/her late 20s who can do a certain amount of work.

This salary for a highly specialized security engineer is a salary that is set without understand of the market.

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