KADOKAWA Group Suffers Extensive Damage from Ransomware Attack

Summary of Damage

KADOKAWA, a group of companies in publishing, video, games, web services and education, is suffering from various damages, starting with ransomware.

As an overview of the damage, extremely sensitive information, including personal information of the group’s employees and student information of the high school it manages, was leaked.
The president’s driver’s license, as well as contracts and quotations from suppliers, were also included, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

The following link contains a press release from dwango, a KADOKAWA group company, regarding the damage.

Who launched the attack?

An organization calling itself BlackSuit has claimed responsibility for the crime.

BlackSuit’s “statement of guilt”

We have downloaded 1.5 TB of data and KADOKAWA would be well advised to pay up and move forward or we will release all the data on July 1. Otherwise, all data will be released on July 1.

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