Ezaki Glico finally starts hiring SAP engineers In-House, but disregards engineers

Ezaki Glico, which has been struggling with SAP system implementation, has finally started hiring its own engineers instead of relying on consultants.

Here is an overview of the job description


Job Description:
As an elite unit responsible for the IT strategy of the Glico Group (including overseas subsidiaries), you will take on the challenge of implementing systems that support digital and IT-enabled transformation and global business standards.
(Your employer will be Ezaki Glico, and you will be transferred to Eei Information System, a subsidiary of Ezaki Glico.)

The company’s core business, but it will be seconded to a subsidiary rather than belonging to the head office.
And even more surprising is the salary structure part!

Expected annual income:
5 million yen to 8.5 million yen

If we convert this annual income into US dollars, it would be approximately
between $32,000 and $51,000.

Isn’t it first of all difficult to hire an engineer who can build a decent SAP at this annual salary? This is a controversial issue in Japan.
This lack of understanding of the IT environment and inadequate organizational structure may be one of the reasons for this large-scale system trouble.

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