JRE BANK flooded with new subscribers

The Japanese railroad giant JR East has launched a banking service called “JRE BANK,” and it has been flooded with new subscribers.

The number of new subscribers was so large that the number of online applications per day was limited.

And recently, there has been a phenomenon in which e-mails are not being delivered, and it seems that the company is trying to cope with the problem by increasing the number of domains from which e-mails are sent.

These announcements were made on a daily basis, limiting the number of new subscribers per day.

This announcement had announced a delay in email delivery.

Why is it so popular?

After all, the enhanced benefits are considered to be the most significant factor.

  • 4 discount on one-way fares and one-way fares within JR East operating lines
    • (There is a limit to the number of times it can be used.)
  • The popular “Somewhere to Boon!” service, which allows round-trip travel on the Shinkansen bullet train You will receive a 2,000 point discount coupon for
  • Suica Green Ticket is provided for free
    • (judged 4 times per year, maximum 4 tickets presented per year)
    • Green Ticket is a ticket for a service that charges a separate seat fee in addition to the fare for a ride with a comfortable seat

Why did the railroad company create the bank?

Starting a banking business in Japan is time-consuming and labor-intensive to acquire and very complicated to operate.

Therefore, JRE has decided to partner with Rakuten Bank, an existing bank, to provide banking services.

This is not the first time a railroad company has launched a bank in Japan; Keio Corporation and SBI Sumishin Net Bank have teamed up to offer the “Keio NEOBANK” service.

The reason why these major railroad operators are entering the banking business is to acquire economic territory and create a profit structure outside of the railroad business. It is believed that this is the case.

Acquisition of economic zone

The number of railroad users is in the millions or tens of millions, which is a very large pie. In addition to riding trains, users engage in a variety of consumer activities such as shopping at commercial facilities affiliated with stations and riding buses affiliated with railroad companies.

The goal is to build an economic zone with greater engagement by focusing on these areas. The company is also looking to build an economic zone with greater engagement.

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