AI identification of squirrel sounds 

NTT East has conducted a cry AI analysis to save labor in surveying the habitat of Formosan ground squirrels.

The objective is to solve the problem of squirrels expanding into new areas by reducing the damage caused by their increase.

As for the damage

  • Crop devouring
  • Noise caused by their cries
  • Damage from cable breakage

Damage caused by cable breakage is particularly damaging, as it disables telephone and Internet service, etc.

As a research method, a voice recorder was installed at the Children’s Nature Park in Kanagawa Prefecture to collect squeals.

Analysis results showed that squirrel cries were detected at all installation sites, with many cries in the morning and evening.

Although there were some false positives due to rain, people, and white noise, these did not pose a major operational problem. In addition, the system successfully discriminated between bird calls, confirming that it is at a practical level. We plan to verify identification with other similar organisms in the future.

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