Put someone with only Excel knowledge in charge of RDB?

Note, a platform service that distributes Japanese articles and magazines, says, “Make someone who only knows Excel the person in charge of RDB: No-code generation of RDB using JetBrains AI even without knowledge of SQL!” An article was posted that caused controversy.

The article has since been deleted and can now be viewed in archive form on another site.


You are a second-year employee at the company. In your first year, you mainly handled data input and management using Excel as a back-office staff member. As the spring of your second year approaches, there have been some changes in the internal organization of the company. Suddenly, you find yourself entrusted with the responsibility of managing the internal database, which had previously been handled by someone else.

It seems the previous staff member left due to retirement or some other reason, and now you are required to take over their responsibilities. The former staff member, who was originally an SE, served as a back-office staff member responsible for maintaining and managing the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) used internally. While you had some vague awareness of this RDBMS, you weren’t quite sure how to use it effectively. You had occasionally glimpsed him entering what seemed like spells into the keyboard to retrieve data, but you hadn’t paid much attention to it as you thought it wasn’t relevant to you.

His retirement was sudden, and he seemed to have left the company by placing a somewhat unclear 5KB text file named “handover.txt” on the Windows desktop.

You were taken aback. Suddenly, you find yourself tasked with maintaining the RDBMS, something that had felt like an eternal mystery to you.

While you’ve been appointed as the new person in charge, the problem is you don’t know the SQL query language! “I’ve used Excel before, but…” You start to feel gloomy, wondering if leaving the company is your only option. Despite thinking you had been doing well at work so far, now you’re shuddering at the thought of being lost and confused.

Even just reading this sentence, it’s already chaotic, or rather, the staffing is way too absurd.
What would you do?

This article suggests using JetBrains DataGrip for database management.

When faced with the task of maintaining a database after a co-worker leaves, the protagonist realizes that DataGrip’s intuitive interface allows him to perform tasks similar to Excel, while the JetBrains AI assistant learns his SQL and helps him with complex tasks. Helped me solve my query.

In the end, thanks to DataGrip and his AI assistant, he was able to confidently work with his database tasks and achieved a happy ending.

Various opinions have been received from Japanese engineers and related parties who have read this, including the following:

  • It’s also dangerous that the DB administrator, who is not even in human resources, can see the salary information of all employees
  • It’s too scary for inexperienced people to create SQL using AI
  • and more …

About the Japan-specific context in this article



  • A term used in Japan to refer to people engaged in information system-related work
  • Although the definition may differ depending on the company, in Japan, industries that are involved in some kind of system development work such as designing, defining requirements, and in some cases writing code are collectively referred to as “SE”
  • In recent years, the division of software engineers, front-end engineers, infrastructure engineers, etc. has progressed, and there are signs that the term SE is becoming less common

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