Timee releases “Alumni Function”.

Timee Inc. has introduced a new feature called the “Alumni Function.” With this feature, businesses can register retirees, former employees, and other alumni (referred to as “OB・OG”) into specific groups, enabling them to post exclusive job listings.

This allows businesses to easily secure trusted talent, while providing workers with opportunities for reemployment in familiar workplaces. Additionally, Timee provides means to discover OB・OG through its app or by inviting them using dedicated cards.

This initiative expands the practice of alumni hiring to part-time workers, addressing labor shortages and diverse needs of workers. Looking ahead, Timee aims to enhance the treatment of OB・OG and their utilization on the Timee app, pioneering new approaches to alumni hiring for part-time workers, and contributing to the welfare of both businesses and workers.

What is Timee inc. ?

Timee is a gig job service that matches “want-to-work” time with “need-workers” time under the theme of “Adding Color to Work.” It provides a flexible working style unrestricted by time or location. Workers can simply apply for jobs they want to work on without needing a resume or interview, and they receive payment immediately after completing their shifts. Employers can set desired skills and preferred working hours, starting from as short as one hour, and the system automatically matches them with suitable workers. Timee aims to create a “Work Barrier-Free” society where individuals can reach for their unique way of working anytime, anywhere, and in any phase of life. Through work, it expands the possibilities of workers’ lives and increases joyful moments in the world.

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