Mobile network experience at Japan’s main airports surpasses the national average

The Opensignal analysis examined the mobile experience of users worldwide. In Japan, 23 major airports were surveyed.

In this study, the network experience for airports was as follows

The analysis by Opensignal focuses on the mobile experience of users at 23 main airports in Japan, including those managed by the national government or private companies. Japanese operators have been investing in 5G infrastructure around these airports to enhance mobile services for passengers and staff.

While users generally observe faster download speeds and spend more time connected to 5G at airports compared to the national average, they also experience less consistent mobile service quality and more time with no signal.

Despite faster download speeds around Japanese airports, inconsistent service is attributed to high traffic and network congestion from passenger volumes. Although 5G infrastructure deployment is extensive at Japanese airports, users still spend a significant proportion of time with no signal due to infrastructural characteristics.

Additionally, users rely less on Wi-Fi connectivity at airports compared to other locations, potentially due to the effort required to connect and limited features of airport Wi-Fi.

Operator performance at Japanese airports varies, with NTT Docomo leading in download speed and Rakuten Mobile excelling in upload speed.

SoftBank ranks first in 5G video experience, while au leads in overall voice app experience. Despite differences in operator performance, all operators have lower availability and consistency scores around airports compared to the national average. The analysis covered various airports across Japan, including those managed by companies and national airports managed by the central government.

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Editor’s view

Wifi connection procedures at Japanese airports are complicated and slow. Improvement is desired as soon as possible.

If you are looking for Wifi that will definitely give you a reasonable speed during your stay in Japan, I recommend going to Starbucks.
The connection is easy and the video quality is good enough for at least an online meeting.

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