Accommodation booking engine “tripla Book” launches multi-currency payments.

A provider of IT solutions for lodging facilities, announced that it has launched a multi-currency payment service for its lodging reservation engine, “Tripla Book”.

This allows foreign guests to pay with their local currency via credit card, eliminating the need for currency conversion and reducing the risk of booking abandonment. As the number of tourists visiting Japan is rapidly recovering, accommodations are seeking strategies to attract foreign guests.

Many foreign guests rely on online travel agencies (OTAs) for bookings, which can incur high fees and make acquiring customer data challenging. Encouraging bookings through their official websites has become crucial for accommodations.

OTAs typically support multi-currency payments, providing reassurance to foreign guests who can view and pay in their own currency.

Consequently, there’s a growing demand for multi-currency display and payments on accommodation websites.

In response, Tripla has introduced multi-currency credit card payments on its “Tripla Book” reservation engine, supporting 32 currencies.
This allows accommodations to display and accept payments in the guest’s preferred currency, reducing concerns about exchange rate fluctuations and declined payments due to foreign credit cards.

Tripla aims to increase direct booking rates and prevent booking abandonment by offering smooth reservation experiences for foreign guests.

What is tripla Book?

This is an accommodation reservation engine designed for the official websites of accommodation facilities.

Guests can complete their reservations in as few as three steps and benefit from features such as the “Best Rate Function,” which displays the lowest prices available, and “Google Hotel Ads Integration,” enabling the display of the facility’s own selling prices in Google search results.

These features are aimed at improving the accommodation facility’s direct booking rate. Additionally, there are features such as “Membership Management” to support member acquisition and “Point Programs” to encourage repeat visits, both available at no extra cost. When used in conjunction with the marketing tool “Tripla Connect,” it becomes possible to tailor email distribution and banner display to match customer demographics, ensuring personalized information delivery to each customer.

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