Speed ​​verification using multiple Starlinks

Engineers at IIJ, a Japanese IT company, tested whether they could speed up using 7 Starlinks units.
This is a very interesting study.

The image of the demonstration test conducted by gathering Starlink in a parking lot to see how far the performance could be improved are very interesting, and are not often seen.

There seems to be some precautions when installing multiple units, and it is recommended that Starlink antennas be at least 4 meters apart from each other.

In the experiment, the antennas were placed at a distance from each other, taking these precautions into account.

The results of the experiment using the SRT protocol showed some improvement in performance, but when they checked video playback, they reported that delivery up to about 25 Mbps was fine, but beyond that the performance was quite poor and unbearable to watch.

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