SBI Securities renewal its domestic stock trading system on AWS

SBI Securities announced on April 23rd that it has switched part of its domestic stock trading system to a cloud-based system. The move to the cloud will increase system stability and shorten the time required for trading. The company is responding to the expansion of stock trading in conjunction with the new small amount investment tax exemption system (NISA).

At a press conference held on March 23, the company announced that it began using the cloud services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) of the United States in March. The company’s order management system for domestic stocks and other systems will be included in this service, and other business systems, including those for foreign stocks and investment trusts, will also be migrated to the cloud by 2026.

This migration will improve the processing speed of the trading system, and domestic stock transactions of up to 2 trillion yen or more per day will be executed on AWS.

In addition, SBI Securities needed to build its system as soon as possible in order to respond to the government’s new NISA system and the elimination of domestic stock trading commissions. To this end, it took advantage of the capacity expansion and redundant configuration of AWS to cope with the rapid expansion of its customer base. Furthermore, by establishing secure private connections with SBI Group companies, synergies were created.

Masato Takamura, President and Representative Director of SBI Securities, said the AWS migration will enable SBI Securities to shorten lead times and reduce costs. Scott Mullins, General Manager of AWS Global Financial Business, also expects SBI Securities’ efforts to accelerate innovation to provide better services to investors.

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