HONDA misidentifies ramen restaurant logo as No entry

The phenomenon of Honda’s ADAS “Honda SENSING” misidentifying the corporate logo of the Japanese ramen chain “Tenka Ippin” as “No Vehicle Intrusion” has become a hot topic.

I hope HONDA will improve the situation.

This is Japanese No Vehicle Intrusion sign

This is “Tenka Ippin sign”

Is Tenka Ippin good?

“Tenka Ippin” (天下一品) is very delicious!

Tenka Ippin is a ramen shop that originated in Kyoto, Japan, from a food stall that opened in 1971 near Ginkakuji Temple.

With more than 200 stores nationwide, Tenka Ippin has a large fan base.

There are two flavors of ramen: “kotteri” and “Assari,” and the latter is by far the tastiest. If you eat in Japan, I strongly recommend you to order the “kottari” flavor!

  • “Kotteri” is rich flavor
  • “Assari” is light flavor

Image of Kotteri

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