Which fonts do you like?

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In English

I really feel comfortable and trust the documents of people who use Meiryo UI as their Excel font.
On the other hand, other fonts make me feel down the moment I open them, and I don’t want to look at them.

Opinions on this on the Internet

  • I only use Meiryo
  • Likewise, I like Meiryo UI, so I’m disappointed when they use other fonts
  • It depends on the content or format of the material

What is Meiryo?

Meiryo (メイリオ, Meirio) is a Japanese sans-serif gothic typeface. Microsoft bundled Meiryo with Office Mac 2008 as part of the standard install, and it replaces MS Gothic as the default system font on Japanese systems beginning with Windows Vista.


Do you have a favorite font?

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