KFC Mobile apps update is bad?

KFC’s latest app update is controversial.

Some Japanese articles and websites on the topic are here

The following phenomenon has been confirmed, and users are expressing confusion.

  • All points accumulated by users who updated the app without registering as a member were lost
  • When they try to register as a member, there are not enough digits to enter the mobile phone number and postal code on the input screen
  • Just want to see the menu, but they can’t see the menu at all unless select the nearest store and proceed to the order screen
  • Can’t not receive the OTP email
  • UI and UX are not good
And more...

What should KFC have done as a general renewal story?

When renewing an application or system, it is common to hear comments such as “it’s difficult to use” or “it’s not user-friendly anymore.” However, when renewal is clearly detrimental to existing users, as in this case, it should be discussed thoroughly from the preliminary stage of renewal, and if necessary, prior announcements, Q&A and support system enhancement should also be implemented as part of the renewal process.

In connection with the current commotion

Company that had developed the product in the past stated that it was not our response.

Team Lab, which was in charge of the past development, emphasized on its website that it was not involved in this change, saying that it would be available until “the end of March 2024.


Team Lab is one of Japan’s coolest design and systems development firms, developing services for major clients including Japanese financial institutions and Narita Airport, as well as designing spaces and operating art museums.

They are one of the coolest design and system development companies in Japan, and in light of the current internet buzz, they might felt compelled to make this announcement.



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